Sunday, March 2, 2014


            I think 20Time is the best project I have experienced throughout all my years of schooling. 20Time allows us kids to focus on the things we love and truly want to peruse rather than focusing on what we are told to peruse. To me, the project as a whole is outstanding. My singing career has gotten much further than I ever thought it could go. Its so amazing to see that if you really put your time and effort into something that you love, you can go places. If there's a will there is a way. 20Time is an escape for me. It lets me do something for myself. I love that every Friday we get the chance to work on it in class. It I something that I actually look forward to at school, which is weird to say. Different obstacles have gotten in the way of  this project but that's what I love about this project. Its realistic. Not everything you do is going to run smoothly. Another thing that I love about this project is that I jumped to the unknown in a way. I didn't really have any clue what I was doing.  I just picked what I wanted to do my project on and I dove right in not knowing where to begin. But, that's what makes this have so much variety. It shows me that everyone has different goals and everyone has different ways of getting to their goals.
           Although this project has such amazing aspects there are some downfalls. Sometimes in my project I feel almost stuck and don't know where to go. I don't think that there is anything that can be done to change that, but I think that everyone who is doing this project has probably struggled with this from time to time throughout this project. At times I  am not really sure what to do with the project just because I am not sure to where I want to go next to go with it.
          To be honest I would not change anything in my project so far. That is not because everything has gone smoothly but is because all the obstacles that I have gone through. I think all those obstacles where put there by God for a reason. I don't think I have any regrets with what has been placed in this project because I've learned a lot from it all.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words on 20 Time. I never know how a project is going to work out, but it is worth it if just one kid has an amazing experience. Keep working and I know you will do some amazing things.